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Nashville-based country artist Charlie Berry has fast established himself as an exciting new voice in the world of modern country. Launching his solo career with the release of his first single at the beginning of 2021, Berry produces his own recordings, highlighting his combined talents as a vocalist, songwriter, and instrumentalist. Carried by his strong, grounding voice, smart songwriting, and skill as a producer, Berry’s compositions are undeniably catchy, relatable, and classic.


Influenced by greats spanning multiple genres, including Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Fleetwood Mac, Berry hasn’t always been a country artist. He started out playing punk rock back in his home state of Texas and still draws inspiration from the energy of that music. Originally from Dallas, Berry moved to Nashville to immerse himself in the world of country music and has spent the past decade learning the craft of songwriting from the source.


After a 7-year run as the singer of country trio Mockingbird Sun, Berry decided to embark on the journey of carving out a solo career for himself. In just a year of releasing singles as a solo artist, Berry has made it clear that all he needs to succeed is his guitar, his unforgettable voice, and his songwriting. The release of his single “Be Somebody” in June of 2022 cemented Berry’s place as a serious contender in the world of modern country, and audiences are taking note. With thoughtful lyrics akin to singer-songwriters of the 90s and the explosive production style of modern country and pop, it’s easy to see why country music fans can’t wait to hear what’s next from this rising star.